Fockle ny ghaa: schoolchildren take charge

THE Bunscoill Ghaelgagh is the Manx Gaelic Primary School based at the Old St John's School opposite Tynwald Hill.

The school is a joint project between the Department of Education and Mooinjer Veggey, the Manx playgroup organisation, and is open to all.

At present there are 53 children attending the School and they receive their education through Manx Gaelic. This means they learn subjects such as history and science through Manx: similar schools are common in Ireland and Wales.

We spent a few hours at the Bunscoill talking to some of the children.

In this clip see if you can follow the conversation I have with Daniel Quayle, 10, Imogen Skillicorn, 9, and Holly Cox, 9.

Below are a few of the phrases used in the video - you'll have to work out the numbers for yourself!

Cre'n ennym t'ort? What's your name?

Ta'n ennym orrym Daniel My name is Daniel

C'raad t'ou cummal? Where do you live?

Ta mee cummal ayns Kiondroghad I live in Onchan

Mie lhiat Kiondroghad? Do you like Onchan?

S'mie Lhiam Yes

Vel moddey ayd? Do you have a dog? (is there a dog at you?)

Ta / cha nel yes / no

Cre'n ennym t'er dty voddey? What's your dog's name?

Vel kayt ayd? Do you have a cat?

Quoid? How many?

Vel shuyr ayd? Do you have a sister?

Vel braar ayd? Do you have a brother?

Cre'n eash t'ou? How old are you?

Hee'm shiu I'll see you (plural/polite)



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