Former Isle of Man Lieutenant Governor receives knighthood

Sir Ian Macfadyen

Sir Ian Macfadyen

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Former Lieutenant Governor Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen has received a surprise Knighthood for his services as Keeper of the Queen’s Castle.

Having been governor and constable of Windsor Castle for the last five years, he attended what he thought was a routine meeting with Her Majesty – only to emerge as Sir Ian Macfadyen.

He was received by The Queen who conferred on him the honour of Knighthood and invested him with the Insignia of a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

He said: ‘It was a great surprise. I was asked to go and see the Queen and thought it was a usual meeting.’

Sir Ian, 72, has now retired from his post at Windsor Castle, and he and his wife Sally – now Lady Macfadyen – have returned to their home in Gloucestershire, where Sir Ian’s 101-year-old mother lives.

A former Commander of British Forces in the Middle East, Sir Ian was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man in October 2000. He and his wife, it was widely acknowledged, were hugely popular during their five year stint in the island.

When they left the island in 2005, they were treated to a special escort by the Purple Helmets stunt bike team. TT fan Sir Ian almost took part in a classic parade lap, only putting his plans on hold after dropping the bike in a practice session.

Asked about his retirement plans, he said: ‘I mean to spend my time playing more golf than I have been recently, as well as wood turning, water colour painting, gardening and travelling.’

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