Former police officer admits offence

Steve Ward

Steve Ward

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A former police officer today pleaded guilty in court to harassment.

Stephen Andrew Ward, who’s 47, appeared before the Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes at Douglas Courthouse and pleaded guilty to an offence of harassment.

In summing up Mrs Hughes said: ‘This is a very serious matter aggravated by you being a serving police officer at the time of the offence. Society expects high standards of our police.’

The defendant was fined and ordered to pay compensation to the victim. In addition a restraining order was served on Mr Ward preventing him from approaching the victim.

A police spokesman confirmed that Mr Ward had recently resigned from the force.

He added: ‘The constabulary take all allegations of harassment against a person seriously and where appropriate court action will be taken.

‘This matter was investigated expeditiously and put before the court at the earliest opportunity.

‘Society does expect high standards from our police and our people work and achieve such standards on a regular basis.

‘The actions of one individual should not undermine the values and behaviours that have become the benchmark for everything the constabulary stands for.’

More on this story in Thursday’s Manx Independent.

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