A SPONSORED head shave at the Mitre Hotel, Ramsey, was a fantastic success, raising more than £2,500 for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Four people had their hair shaved to varying degrees during the night: Tracy Peet, a member of the bar staff, her friend Anne Beattie, pub regular Dan Richardson (of lost grey squirrel fame) and Ria Groen, who is just 15.

Tracy had the Three Legs of Man shaved into the back of her head. Anne had her hair shaved down to a grade three. Between them, they raised just over 500.

Dan had his head, moustache, beard and eyebrows shaved in return for donations amounting to 200 from fellow customers.

They were shorn by hairdresser Justine from Crazy Jacks.

Ria was the undoubted star of the night. She volunteered to have her head shaved, motivated by the fact she has lost two aunts, an uncle, a cousin and two grandparents to cancer and wanted to do something positive to make a difference to those with the illness.

She had the support of everyone in the room, including many members of her family from Ireland who made a special trip over. With the help of family, friends and local businesses, she collected more than 650.

The Mitre, as ever, was very hospitable and the Ramsey DS Club carried on its tradition of supporting local charities by providing a holiday for two in Cyprus as the first prize in the raffle, which raised almost 400, all of which went to Macmillan.

Community fundraiser Simone Rogers said: 'Everybody was very generous and really entered into the spirit of the night.'

The fundraising was boosted by a group of Macmillan volunteers who collected in all the pubs, boosting the total by an extra 600.

Truman Falls provided a night of great music and were given a terrific reception.

Simone said: 'I am delighted by how much we raised, but I was most moved by the fact that all these people had really put themselves out to help us with our fundraising.

'Shaving your hair to any degree is very brave and I take my hat off to Anne, Tracy, Dan and especially Ria. It was a great night, and everyone had a great time!'

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