Freegle offers something for nothing to Manx residents

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For those of us who have ended up binning useful items simply because we don’t have the time or inclination to sell or otherwise recycle them, help could be at hand in the form of a new website.

Freegle is a phenomenon which started in the UK and has recently come to the Isle of Man.

The site allows anyone to join and, once there they can post items they want to give away or they can place requests for items they need.

Debbie Taylor from Ramsey is the driving force behind the Isle of Man version of the site.

β€˜It is an online group for locals to give away and get things for nothing. As long as whatever item you are giving away or asking for is legal then it will be allowed on the listings. Freegle members can save money, time, energy and the planet – all at the same time,’ she said.

The island group has been up and running for around a month and already has more than 65 members - and is growing week on week.

Freegle website:;; Contact the Isle of Man Group owner:

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