Getting big strides in on the walk to work

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STILT walking 3km into work this morning (Wednesday) was The Children’s Centre worker Chris Gregory’s tallest order yet.

Chris, a playwork development officer, is half-way through his March2Work challenge to raise awareness for outdoor play and safe and playful routes for children by taking a different means of self propelled transport every workday in March.

Chris is also raising money for the charity’s play department.

He started by bouncing by spacehopper from Elm Drive, Onchan, along Governor’s Road and Glencrutchery Road past the Grandstand before going down Woodbourne Road to The Children’s Centre.

Other modes of transport include the hula hoop, hobby horse and scooter.

Chris said his message was: ‘Stop robbing children of their childhood.’

‘As children today’s parents climbed trees, made dens and went on countless adventures, probably without an adult in sight, for today’s children life is very different,’ he said.

He said children were denied ‘a great opportunity to play with their friends’ because parents considered roads to be dangerous for their children to travel to school except by bus or car. He said children were also being deprived of the opportunity to be free and spontaneous with play outside school.




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