Getting ready for Fairtrade Fortnight

Children at last year's Fairtrade conference for primary schools

Children at last year's Fairtrade conference for primary schools

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The Isle of Man’s Fairtrade Group is launching a fun detective trail to help celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place this year from February 24 to March 9.

The activity is open to everyone and involves tracking down Fairtrade goods which are sold in various outlets around the island.

There is a fairly-traded prize for the entry with the most locations visited and another prize for the most imaginative submission which could involve using Fairtrade labels, press articles or photographs.

Fairtrade Detective forms are available from the One World Centre, local libraries and the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas, Copies can also be downloaded from here.

The One World Centre pop-up shop in Duke Street, Douglas, will also be operating from Wednesdays to Saturdays in Fairtrade Fortnight.

Activities taking place there will include an opportunity to make Fairtrade banana smoothies using the Manx Co-operative’s Smoothie Bike.

Energetic riders will be able to pedal up a blend of bananas and fruit juice to make a super-healthy smoothie drink – and get some exercise into the bargain.

The Manx Co-operative will also be holding Fairtrade tasting sessions at the Duke Street, Douglas store on Wednesday, March 5 (2pm to 5pm) and morning of Thursday, March 6 (10am to 12noon).

Meanwhile, children who attended the One World Centre’s Fairtrade Conference last November will be putting their learning and ideas in to action with a selection of events taking place at schools around the island.

Special Fairtrade assemblies will take place at St John’s, Peel Clothworkers’ and Scoill Jubilee schools and tuckshops or Fairtrade stalls will be held at Arbory, Peel Clothworkers’ and Ashley Hill schools. First Malew Guides are also holding a Fairtrade workshop.

Local businesses are being asked to support the Fairtrade cause by holding Fairtrade bake-offs or competitions for the most original dish including Fairtrade bananas.

Recipe ideas are available from the Fairtrade Foundation website here.

Bananas are a special focus this Fairtrade Fortnight. Currently only one in every three bananas bought in the UK is Fairtrade and the aim is to increase this proportion during 2014.

Produce showing the Fairtrade mark mean the farmers and producers, who often live in challenging areas of the world, have been paid a fair price for their goods enabling them to support their families and build sustainable farms and businesses.

The Isle of Man has official Fairtrade Island status in recognition of support here for Fairtrade goods and crafts. For more information on Fairtrade on the Isle of Man go to here or call the One World Centre on 800464.

Photo: Children at last year’s One World Centre Fairtrade Conference for primary schools have fun learning about Fairtrade bananas

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