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THE police are seeking public feedback on their month-long trial of Facebook and Twitter as an information feed.

While Inspector Derek Flint said early indications were that the trial, which started on May 25, had been well received, the use of Twitter has been criticised in the Legislative Council.

Inspector Derek Flint said: ‘We now have over 3,500 Facebook followers, and around 1,000 on Twitter.

‘Certainly the bits of feedback we had during TT suggest it went down a treat. Although things are a bit quieter now, and there isn’t as much news going out, that is simply reflective of the fact the island is a pretty quiet and safe place to live.’

He said a decision on the continued use of Facebook and Twitter would be based on its ‘sustainability and benefit to the public and other agencies that use it’.

He added: ‘If it was going to be a success or failure the TT was an ideal test bed.

‘I was keen to try it in “battlefield conditions” to see how sustainable it was.’

The Isle of Man Constabulary came under fire over its enforcement policy during the TT in LegCo last month.

It was during the third reading of the Road Traffic and Highways (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2011 which sets out new, and in some cases increased, punishments for road traffic offences.

Department of Infrastructure member David Callister MLC said: ‘Maybe they’d be better not using Twitter and getting out on the road and doing some work instead.’

Anyone who would like to give feedback should email Inspector Flint at

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