Govt press releases are a ‘litany of spin’

John Houghton MHK

John Houghton MHK

Residents are being overwhelmed by a ‘litany of spin and rubbish’ in government press releases.

That was the claim from Douglas North MHK John Houghton.

In the Keys, he asked Treasury Minister Eddie Teare: ‘Does the Minister not really agree that people in the island are being overwhelmed by a litany of spin and rubbish on a daily basis – mainly coming out of the Department of Health, closely followed by the Department of Social Care and others – which is not even being picked up by the media?

‘Manx Radio play very little of it, and thankfully the Isle of Man Newspapers even less.

‘So does he not really agree with me and members of this House that what it really needs is its neck winding in?’

Mr Teare said there were about 10 full-time equivalent government staff dealing with the media. The only department to have full-time public and media relations staff is Health, with two.

Onchan MHK Peter Karran (LibVan) said it was ‘rather bizarre’ there were more media staff than the media have.

This was denied by Mr Teare, who said it was important for government to continue to ‘make information available as widely as possible to the media, who act as a conduit to get that information out to the general public’.




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