Govt revamp takes effect

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

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A major modernisation and streamlining of government comes into effect today (Tuesday).

One department - Community, Culture and Leisure – is disappearing, two others are merging - Health and Social Care – and the Water and Sewerage Authority and Manx Electricity Authority are merging to form a Manx Utilities Authority.

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Central co-ordination of policy is being strengthened through the creation of a Cabinet Office working with a new Minister for Policy and Reform, Chris Robertshaw. At the same time more support functions are being centralised, including catering, cleaning and vehicle fleet management.

Chief Minister Allan Bell said: ‘The radical changes reflect government’s policy of reducing internal bureaucracy and running costs to help protect funding for frontline services. For the public it should be business as usual in terms of the services they receive.

‘For many of our staff, however, this is a time of considerable upheaval and uncertainty. We know that this is making life difficult for them, but they are continuing to work with an undiminished commitment and dedication to public service. Change on this scale is unsettling for the staff affected. Hopefully the picture will become clearer for our employees as the new structure beds in over the weeks ahead.’

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