Govt website protection in place

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Extra security measures have been put in place after a so-called cyber attack disabled the official Isle of Man government’s website for a large part of last Friday.

A government spokesman said the website had gone down sometime in the morning but thanks to the efforts of their IT department was back up and running again by the end of the day.

Director of goverment information systems Mark Lewin said the source of the attack was unknown but it was being viewed as a criminal matter and investigations were still in their early stages.

‘This type of attack is not uncommon,’ he said, adding threats of this kind were forever changing and were constantly monitored.

‘If another attack like this came along we would be better geared up but it is a constant challenge for any business entity,’ he said.

At present they are confident no security has been breached and no confidential information compromised.

‘It was was a flooding exercise. We may never know why it was done but we have no evidence of any kind of data or security breach.

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