GP surgery to stay at Cannan Court

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KIRK Michael doctors’ surgery will continue to operate from the Cannan Court sheltered housing complex in the forseeable future.

A recent poll of villagers to gauge reaction to the possibility of establishing a part-time surgery in the village school showed a majority of people opposed the proposal.

Michael Commissioners have expressed their disappointment at the reaction and also hit out at Michael MHK David Cannan, who opposed the idea as well.

A spokesman for the commissioners said: ‘We share the disappointment of ministers David Anderson (Health) and Eddie Teare (Education and Children) in the response to a month-long public consultation to establish a proper doctor’s surgery in Kirk Michael.

‘The commissioners feel it is another opportunity lost.’

The spokesman continued: ‘The Department of Health and Department of Education and Children had joined together and offered an eloquent solution to a difficult and protracted issue.

‘It would have established an excellent base on which to develop better medical provision in the area, rather than continue in less than ideal premises elsewhere on a temporary planning permit.

‘The commissioners thank the ministers for their thorough preparation of the proposals and support for the community.

‘Unfortunately, as with previous suggestions, the commissioners view with regret that it did not have the support of our MHK.’

The proposal was to use a spare classroom in the school as a doctors’ surgery. But after a consultation found a majority of villagers opposed the plan, the Department of Health decided not to proceed.

A total of 80 responses were received, with 31 (38 per cent) in favour and 49 (62 per cent) opposed.

The surgery is currently based at the Cannan Court sheltered housing complex, which critics say is unsuitable.

Temporary planning approval has been obtained so the surgery can continue in this location for the time being.

Health Minister David Anderson MHK said: ‘It is disappointing that a unique community facility at the heart of the village is not to progress, but I recognise that the majority of those who responded to the questionnaire were content with the status quo.’

Mr Cannan, who is retiring as Michael MHK in the September election, led the opposition to the scheme.

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