Groom, best man and vicar are all brothers

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A unique wedding took place in Braddan, with three brothers taking on the roles in the ceremony of bridegroom, best man and vicar.

The Cattle family from Douglas had more to do than most in preparation for Robert’s big day at the church with his bride.

The brothers and the bride

The brothers and the bride

Robert Stephen Cattle, 30, was the bridegroom, with older brother Benjamin Douglas Cattle, 36, beside him as his best man, while Reverend David James Cattle, 38, oversaw proceedings as the vicar on a memorable day for the family.

Mother of the three boys, Christine Cattle, said: ‘I’m very proud of all three of them. I think it has helped calm Robert’s nerves in the lead up to the wedding, knowing he’ll be having David as the vicar, as well as Benjamin as his best man.

‘It’s lovely that the three of them will be there together all playing their part in Robert’s biggest day. ‘It makes the day even more special having them all playing an important role, it is quite unique.’

Robert’s bride was Emily Rhoda Davies, 27, whose family have a history with the church.

‘This is the fourth generation of the Davies family that has been married at the Kirk Braddan church,’ said Mrs Cattle.

Talking about how David became interested in becoming a vicar she said: ‘He always went to the All Saints Church in Alexander Drive, in Douglas, with his friend when he was younger and the reverend at All Saints used to talk to him about going to a theology college to study.

‘David’s wife is a surgeon and when she went off to Wales to study, he decided to go to Bristol Trinity College to study theology there,’ she said.

The wedding took place at 2pm at Kirk Braddan Church on Friday and everything went smoothly, with even the Manx weather smiling on the brothers and the new bride.

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