Half-baked bus vandals take the biscuit

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Bus service news

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Students and public transport bosses were left in a sticky situation after a school bus was caked with jam, flour and butter.

The service 22 had to be taken out of service to be cleaned.

It had collected St Ninian’s Lower School students from Bemahague on Tuesday when the half-baked vandals struck, smearing jam, flour and butter on the windows and seats.

The incident was filmed on the on-board CCTV. The school is working with Isle of Man Transport to identify the culprits.

Director of public transport Ian Longworth said: ‘A bus from Bemahague had jam, flour and butter smeared on the windows and seats. It had to be taken back to the depot for cleaning.

‘All our buses are fitted with CCTV that records to a standard that can be used in court. A download of the CCTV recording for this journey was taken to a meeting with the school at 11.15am on Wednesday morning.

‘The school is working with us for the culprits to be identified. We hope this will resolve the matter and the bus can run normally in future.’

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