Harbour dredging work to start

Peel Harbour

Peel Harbour

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Peel Harbour is to be dredged this month after continuing concerns over a build up of silt in the harbour.

Director of Ports at the Department of Infrastructure, Ann Reynolds, said: ‘Currently the position is, weather permitting we are aiming for the Taroo Ushtey, the harbour work boat, to start preparatory works towards the middle of this month, and we are preparing to start in earnest with the May Queen, the Department of Infrastructure dredger, in early February.

‘We are writing to all berth owners to let them know how we will be handling the dredging operation and how we will allocate temporary berths as the programme progresses.’

‘The harbour was last dredged in 2012.

‘When it is dredged the boats are relocated temporarily within the harbour while the dredging takes place.

‘Silt is carried down the River Neb, particularly after heavy rainfall. This is a natural process; stopping the silt entering the harbour would require major civil engineering works.

‘We try to limit the inconvenience by dredging during the winter period, when the harbour is not busy and with full consultation with the marina users.

‘The works are always programmed to take place between January and May to allow for fish migratory patterns.’

Peel Port manager, Captain Pete Best, said: ‘Work will start in the middle of this month, so we’ll be letting everyone know.’

We reported in September last year how dredging of the harbour was planned between January and May 2014.

A dredger is used to remove materials from the bottom of a body of water.

Dredging is usually carried out at least partly underwater, in shallow seas or fresh water areas to gather up bottom sediments and dispose of them at a different location.

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