Heavy rain is forecast to mar the day

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SPELLS of heavy rain are forecast to hit the island during Tynwald Day celebrations today (Tuesday).

Speaking yesterday, Met Office forecaster Adrian Cowin said: ‘The settled spell comes to an end tonight, which means Tynwald Day is likely to be a bit of a shock to the system with a drop in temperatures from the recent warm values.

‘It is because of a weather front coming in from the Atlantic.’

The morning was expected to see a belt of rain, that would be heavy at times followed by showers in the afternoon.

The temperature is expected to range between 12C and 17C.

And there will be a south-easterly wind of 20C-25C during the day.

He said: ‘The large area of low pressure with a widespread front of rain marks the change from the settled spell into rather unsettled conditions.’

Over the weekend, the temperatures reached 20C in some inland areas such as Ellerslie, in Crosby, Cornaa and the The Lhen.

At the Met Office’s base at Ronaldsway, as well as in Douglas, Peel and Ramsey, the temperature was between 16C and 18C.

The hottest day this year was June 3, when the mercury soared to 22.7C at the airport.

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