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Chris Walmsley has come a long way since the horrific accident which left him with severe injuries in 2006.

Now, the expertise and equipment which is being used to help him on his long road to recovery is being made available to others.

Chris and carer Donna Cooper

Chris and carer Donna Cooper

His mum, Carol, has set up Hope Home Care Limited and taken on premises at Harcourt Drive in Balthane industrial estate, Ballasalla.

The facilities were brought in with Chris in mind but Carol said others may benefit from them too.

‘We are offering care in the home, as are others I know, but specifically brain injury care as our staff are all trained in this area,’ she said.

‘We can offer care to anyone who needs it – from the cradle to the grave as the saying goes, and one of our team members is highly experienced in child care.

‘That’s not to say we will only care for folks with a brain injury though – we want to offer a range of care to anyone who needs it, and we are fortunate in having many contacts with specialists, not only here but in the UK too, so we can tap into specialist training as and when necessary.’

Facilities at the unit include a therapy room equipped with a standing frame, therapy tables, hoist, slings, treadmill, vibration plate, multi gym, exercise bike, trampette and floor mats.

Carol said the ‘star of the show’ was the hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi, which Chris, aged 35, went in for the first time earlier this month.

‘He absolutely loved it, he relaxed and really enjoyed it. I’m so proud of him and I’m convinced he’s got much more to give.’

There is also a shower, toilet and kitchen facilities, as well as a training/meeting/conference room.

Chris is now in the standing frame at least three times a week and he is doing chewing exercises.

The family saw a big step forwards a couple of weeks ago when he wiped his mouth with a towel several times.

For more information, call 827917.

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