Housing list applicants are removed

News from Ramsey

News from Ramsey

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Applicants for local authority accommodation have been given a warning to keep housing bosses up to date with changes in the circumstances.

It comes after Ramsey Commissioners identified 21 would-be tenants who were not eligible.

The board removed the applicants from the list between April and October on the following grounds:

For failing to return the annual housing review form (8); for exceeding the permitted income level (7; for holding savings over the permitted limit (1); being a property owner (1); housed by the Department of Infrastructure (1); transferred to the Department of Infrastructure waiting list (1); living in public sector supported housing in Douglas (1); and declining the offer of four Ramsey Town Commissioners’ tenancies (1).

Lead member for housing Tony Harmer said: ‘With demand far outstripping supply Ramsey Commissioners must always apply the most rigorous of criteria before an applicant can be accepted onto the housing waiting list.

‘Currently we have 111 applicants on that list: 72 for one-bedroom properties, 35 for two bedrooms and four for three to four bedroom homes.

‘This excludes applications for sheltered housing for the elderly, which is administered by the Ramsey and Northern Districts Housing Committee.’

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