How Scouts helped Island at War event

The Scouts lead the parade

The Scouts lead the parade

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Arbory, Malew and Ballaugh Scouts got together to support the Island at War event by providing cakes and a cuppa to the passengers on every train that came into Castletown Railway Station.

They also provided escort duties to the ‘sick, injured and prisoners’ who came off the trains.

A ‘field hospital’ was available for the needy in the ‘waiting room’ with five camp beds made up and awaiting the injured.

This was followed by Arbory Scouts travelling on the Sunday afternoon to Cregneash to take part in the ‘recruitment march’ around the village.

They encouraged spectators to fall in behind them, the Army Cadets and the band.

By calling to everyone to ‘join the Army and fight for your country’, a large line of people then joined the parade.

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