Hutchinson Square’s new look will reflect heritage

Hutchinson Square refurbishment works

Hutchinson Square refurbishment works

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The latest stage of work on Hutchinson Square in Douglas is progressing well and should be completed later this summer.

Councillor Stephen Pitts, who is chairman of the Regeneration and Community Advisory Committee said work was currently under way to repair the perimeter wall, replace coping stones and repair and refurbish the iron railings which top the walls around the square.

‘The railings are going to be shot blasted (to clean them) then fitted back onto the wall and repainted. Some sections will need to be replaced but only where it is necessary - for example where not matching replacement sections have been installed in the past.’

He said the square would also benefit from a new electricity supply and extra lighting inside it.

‘It’s starting to get there now and we are hoping it will be finished by the main part of the summer,’ he said.

As part of the refurbishment project there are also plans to install more information points and display boards to explain the history and importance of the square when it was used as a wartime internment camp.

Earlier in the year work was completed inside the square to support and rebuild two retaining walls and to open up the square’s east entrance. Street lighting was also upgraded.

Councillor Pitts said the work was costing around £225,000 and is part of a programme which will also see improvements to Hilary Park Square and the square opposite the Woodbourne Hotel.

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