I won’t race again says Classic TT competitor Peter after spill

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A rider in the Classic TT who was left with a broken right shoulder blade and left hip socket and a minor liver laceration after coming off his bike in a practice session has vowed to get back on a bike again but has decided to retire from racing.

The photo on the right of Peter Richardson, aged 69, of Little Carleton, Blackpool, was taken by reader Stuart Bridson and caught the imagination of many readers of the Examiner, where it was printed. It was also printed in Peter’s local paper, the Blackpool Gazette.

Peter Richardson crashes at the Gooseneck. Picture by Stuart Bridson. Below, Peter with surgeon Mr Kumar

Peter Richardson crashes at the Gooseneck. Picture by Stuart Bridson. Below, Peter with surgeon Mr Kumar

Peter had just negotiated a right turn and believes he was travelling at around 70 mph when he came off the 350 Classic Honda he was riding.

Son Roy, who was riding on the same course at the time, was informed of his father’s accident when he finished the circuit. The pair had been due to compete with the same Tower Race Team.

The father-of-six broke his right shoulder blade and left hip socket, while his left knee was also damaged, but remembers nothing of the incident itself.

Doctors have told him his shoulder will heal on its own but have inserted metal screws to stabilise the shattered hip socket.

Peter said: ‘They think I might have landed on my knee which pushed my thigh bone into the ball and socket of my hip. They have repaired the top with four screws.’

Peter, who crashed and broke his collar bone in the Isle of Man in 2003, added: ‘Without a doubt, this is my worst biking injury.

‘As I was going up the mountain, there was a right hand bend then a left hand bend going up to the Gooseneck. I remember going out of the right hand bend but nothing after that.

‘I don’t think I made the left hand bend. The next thing I can remember is somebody saying he’s damaged his hip joint but I don’t know if that was in the road, the helicopter or the hospital.’

Peter was taken to Noble’s Hospital where he stayed until being taken by air ambulance to Liverpool three days later. He has been at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, a specialist centre for trauma and orthopaedics, since Friday August 23.

Consultant surgeons Gunasekaran Kumar and Sanjay Kalra, both specialists in complex trauma including hip socket fractures, performed Peter’s hip socket operation on August 24.

Mr Kumar said: ‘The complex fracture of his left hip socket was fixed using specialist equipment, which results in minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time for the patient. We are one of the few centres to provide this type of complex hip socket surgery.’

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