I won’t take an MHK’s pension

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AN election hopeful says he will refuse to take an MHK pension if he gets voted in on September 29 – until a fair and proper contributory scheme is introduced.

And Martin Moore, who has announced he to stand as an independent candidate in Douglas West, has called on all general election candidates to make the same declaration.

He said: ‘On moral grounds, if elected, I will refuse any non contributory pension accruable from service as an MHK until a fair and proper contributory scheme is introduced.

‘I will also push for a contributory scheme to be backdated to at least Election Day 2011. This is non-negotiable.

‘Manx workers are suffering from a high inflation rate resulting in ever increasing living costs while at the same time, services are being cut back.

‘It is totally wrong for existing and prospective new MHKs to continue to enjoy this golden benefit at a time when the rest of the population is under such financial pressure. I call upon all other candidates in all constituencies to publicly declare that they will join me in this action.’

Born in Douglas and educated at St Ninian’s HIgh School, Mr Moore, 32, lives in Port-e-Chee. A businessman, he runs Manxman Promotions, D&A Travel Services and MH Karaoke. He is also part of a family partnership that operates A1 Radio Cabs.

He said: ‘I’m Manx with a deep love of our island. I despair at the mismanagement of the present administration lurching from one crisis to another with no proactive thinking.

‘The situation has deteriorated to what is now essentially an ad-hoc collection of hastily conceived and executed disaster management strategies. These are difficult times both internally and externally.

‘I consider that as well as properly and fully representing the constituency in which they stand, any prospective or serving MHK should also have a clearly defined national policy.’

The current MHKs in Douglas West are John Shimmin and Geoff Corkish, who have yet to declare their intentions for the September election.

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