Inconsiderate cycling on prom walkway

Young cyclists bevaving impeccably on the cycle lane

Young cyclists bevaving impeccably on the cycle lane

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Just a month after the cycleway on Douglas promenades was removed, police have received complaints.

They say they have been told about incidents of inconsiderate cycling on the Douglas promenade walkway over the last few days.

A spokesman said: ‘In one of these matters a child was knocked off her bicycle by another fast moving cyclist – luckily there were no injuries.

‘We would like to take this opportunity to ask that all users of the walkway respect others, especially the young and frail.

‘The walkway is a public area for all people to use.

‘We would like to ask all cyclists to moderate their speed and pay full attention especially when the walkway is busy with families. It also should be noted that in law, the walkway is deemed as a ‘road’ and as such legislation allows for the prosecution of any cycling incidents along the walkway. Please be careful!’

The cycleway used to be clearly marked on the promenade walkway. Pedestrians were meant to steer clear from it.

However, last month it was removed and the walkway became a free for all.

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Should cyclists who use the walkway be forced to have a bell?

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