Inmate hid phone inside bag of sugar

News from the courts

News from the courts

An inmate who concealed a phone in a bag of sugar inside Isle of Man Prison has been sentenced to a further 12 weeks’ custody.

Jake Stephen Ford, formerly of North Shore Road in Ramsey, pleaded guilty to a charge of introducing articles to the prison.

Ford was jailed for 16 weeks on February 16 after admitting possessing cocaine and a hand-held stun device.

The court heard how, on February 19, prison officers searched Ford’s cell and found a mobile phone, USB cable and earpiece, wrapped in clingfilm, hidden in a bag of sugar.

He was interviewed and made a full admission that the items were his.

He told prison staff that he had concealed the items before he had gone to court for his sentencing on February 16.

Analysis of the phone found that Ford had made a number of outgoing calls using it and had also received calls.

He had also been using it for texting and it had £5 worth of credit left on it.

Defending him in court, advocate Peter Taylor said: ‘It was a stupid mistake and now he is going to spend some more time in prison.

‘We would ask that the court show some mercy to Mr Ford and that he doesn’t serve too much longer in prison.’

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said: ‘I accept the phone was used solely for personal reasons and not to commit further offences.

‘Nonetheless you brought it to court and concealed and retained it after your detention. It undermines the whole purpose of a custodial sentence.’

The 12 week sentence will run consecutively to Ford’s 16 week sentence.

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