Investigating coast problems and solutions

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The government group hoping to slow coastal erosion met on Friday and took a walk around some of the problem spots in the Kirk Michael area.

The Coastal Erosion Working Group has been set up by Environment Minister Phil Gawne and includes Alf Cannan MHK and other local commissioners.

The group met in the car park at the Mitre Hotel in Kirk Michael and then visited the Glen Wyllin area to view the erosion from four different angles.

Mr Cannan said afterwards: ‘I am pleased in the interest that is being shown in this very important matter and in the responsible way the working group are approaching their task.

‘However it is becoming abundantly clear that some form of action is required within the next 12 months to prevent a clear and definite threat to the future of Kirk Michael village within the next two decades.

‘Each year of inaction increases the risks to the local residents and if we fail to act within a sensible timeframe the opportunity to make a meaningful impact decreases.

‘This is a very serious matter.’

Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘I was quite shocked at the scale of erosion since my last visit two years ago. It is to be hoped that the scale of our recent winter’s storms, rainfall and high tides will not be repeated in the future as this year’s rate of erosion is dramatic.

‘The working party will continue its work to assess what options are available and hopefully complete it’s deliberations in the autumn.’




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