Investigation to find mystery smell cause

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AN ‘horrific smell’ in the area of Snugborough Trading Estate in Union Mills, is being investigated by environmental health.

Fulton Vehicle Specialists, which is based in the estate contacted the Examiner to make it clear to customers that they are carrying on with trade and although its staff don’t know where it is coming from, they insist the odour is not from them.

Becky Fulton from the company, stated there has been an ‘horrific smell hanging around part of Snugborough Trading Estate for around eight to ten weeks’.

The company contacted the newspaper to reassure their customers that they are open and trying to do something about the smell.

‘It is affecting our business and our staff, we are not the only company that has complained about it. We would like our customers to know it is not us. Our businesses our continuing.’ added Becky.

The company has been so frustrated by the continuing smell that they contacted Braddan Commissioners, as well as government environmental health officers, to try to find out how to address the problem.

Becky claimed that environmental health officers said that ‘despite investigations into the smell they cannot prove beyond all reasonable doubt its origin’.

She said: ‘We have reported it to Braddan Commissioners on a few occasions, who are powerless to do anything and the environmental health are investigating it.’

As well as Fulton Vehicle Specialists, Cuplas Callow has also been affected by the odour.

Cuplas Callow has written to Howard Quayle MHK, who represents Middle, in an attempt to get the issue solved.

In the letter, it states: ‘There is a horrendous stench hanging over the estate on a daily basis, which we consider to be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers. The pleasant shopping experience we like to offer our customers is certainly not happening at the moment.

‘This has been ongoing for a number of months and we are becoming quite concerned that there is nothing we can do to solve the matter.’

Braddan Commissioners warden Paul Parker confirmed a representative from the Water and Sewage Authority had visited the area and confirmed the smell was not coming from the sewage.

Christian Cowin, environmental officer at DEFA, said: ‘There is an investigation under way regarding a complaint about an odour in the area.’

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