Investors fear they’ll never get their money back

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SOME of the investors who had their money in the suspended Louis Group fund have said they fear they’ll never get their money back.

Millions of pounds were invested in the fund.

Investors speak exclusively in today’s Isle of Man Examiner.

The ‘FATCA’ tax agreement with the UK also features on the front page. Allan Bell tells the Examiner that this is an important point in the history of the finance sector and doesn’t know if jobs might be affected.

The student fees row is the main story on page 3.

The government feared it would lose the vote in Tynwald this week on the introduction of fees. We also talk to more pupils, this time from Castle Rushen High School, about the issue.

The Examiner also reveals how much Bus Vannin, the nationalised bus company, has spent on buses in the last three years. It would certainly pay for a lot of tuition fees.

As the wind farms’ potential threat to our shipping lanes reaches Westminster, there’s another chance to join our campaign to persuade the company behind them to save our lifeline routes.

Meanwhile, taekwondo star Aaron Cook’s ‘defection’ to the Isle of Man is news on page one and the back page.

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