Invitation to make an art film

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YOU are invited to star in a film made by island artist and film maker Simon Buttimore.

Simon and his friends are currently holding an exhibition This Is Art at the Sayle Gallery in Douglas.

He is working in the gallery everyday while the exhibition runs and has invited you to pop in with your own USB memory stick.

He is offering to make a film of you for free, which you can then take away with you on your stick.

But it won’t be just any film.

The innovative artist will distort the images in a variety of exciting and weird ways, with multi-images layered with a range of special effects to make something original for your phone, for you to post on Facebook or as a loop for your own computer.

The exhibition, which runs until February 24, is sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council. It also features work by members of the Retina Group – a collective of VJ artists interested in sound and vision, special effects processing and video art installation.

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