Isle of Man property sales, September 22, 2016

Community news

Community news

Stephen John Maguire and Olga Maguire, both of 1 Pinehurst Avenue, Saddlestone, bought 40 Ashberry Avenue, Douglas, for £285,000.

It was bought from Anne McCombs.

Other recent transactions lodged at the General Registry in Douglas are as follows:

Graeme Mark Peate and Gemma Cookson sold 10 Church Avenue, Onchan, for £190,000, to John Malcolm Crebbin, of 9 Ballahane Close, Port Erin.

Nicholas Charles Harris, of The Haven, Agneash, Lonan, sold 31 All Saints Park, Lonan, for £188,000, to Christopher Declan Carroon, of 7 Cronk-y-Berry Avenue, Onchan, and Sarah Louise Boyd, of 150 Fairways Crescent, Mount Murray, Braddan.

Oliver David Hibbert sold Eastfield, situate on Ramsey to Bride High Road, Lezayre, for £185,000, to Paul William Watterson, of East Craig, St Judes.

Mark Tarleton Hodgson, of Hampshire, and Edward Tarleton Hodgson , of Rotherham, sold 10 Somerset Road, Douglas, for £185,000, to Michael Forbes Batey and Laura Jane Batey, both of 96 Cronk Liauyr, Tromode Park, Douglas.

David Brown sold 70 Erin Way, Port Erin, for £178,000, to Gillian Ruth Lockett, of Flat 1, The Brambles, Traaie Meanagh Drive, Port Erin.

Petra Doris Dudek, of 5 Devonshire Crescent, Douglas, sold 12 Linden Grove, Douglas, for £170,000, to Rachel Sarah Quayle.

Jonathan Mark Summers Christian, of Canada, Adrian Summers Christian, of Riverside Lodge, Lower Foxdale, and Steven Michael Christian, of Thie Eoin, 13 Harcroft Road, Saddlestone, sold Unit 3, The Wine Cellar, Tennis Road, Douglas, for £165,000, to Prepositus Limited, whose registered office is situate at 4 Ballaquane Road, Peel.

Adrian William Gilmour, by personal representatives, Gillian Elizabeth Gilmour-Huber, of Germany, as personal representative, and Gerard Michael Hanny, of Ballavilley, Kirby Hill, Douglas, as personal representative, sold 10 Africa Court, Douglas, for £155,000, to The PSV Pension Scheme, by trustees, Boal & Co (Pensions) Limited, whose registered office is situated at Marquis House, Isle of Man Business Park, Braddan, as trustee, William Alan Teare, as trustee, and Jean Marion Teare , as trustee, both of Creg-Dy-Shee, The Lhargan, Port St Mary.

Joanne Cubbon, of Glebe Farm, St Mark’s, sold a parcel of land situate at St Mark’s, for £62,500, to Simon Alvin Harding and Carole Victoria Harding, both of Arragon Lodge, Arragon, Santon.


We publish details of all house sales unless we receive a written request from the police or probation services.

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