Isle of Man’s director of highways to leave his job

Richard Pearson

Richard Pearson

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Island highways boss Richard Pearson will leave his post at the end of March after four years in the job, it has been announced.

Mr Pearson said: ‘I have really enjoyed the Isle of Man, the people and the issues and hopefully I will leave the place in a slightly better state than when I arrived, although I am only one of many people who try to do that on a daily basis.

‘The government faces some very challenging financial issues and so I understand that it needs to reduce staff and cut costs and am happy to play my part having also benefitted from four years employment.

He added: ‘One advantage for my family and I is that we can be closer to ageing parents and if we had to move then my kids are the right age to do that now rather than delaying.’

In an email addressed to his colleagues he also said: ‘As some of you may know, and is evident now in the new structure, there are plans to reduce the number of directors.

‘Whilst this has only recently become more apparent to you, the issue has been around for over a year and this has made my position less tenable and more than a little worrying.

‘In this light I have been keeping an eye on opportunities ‘across’ and the government has recently refreshed the VRS scheme so this provided me with an option to seek another way forward.’

Infrastructure minister David Cretney said: ‘The work to merge highways and operations functions is coming to fruition on the 1st April and the outcome is a further reduction of a director post, at a saving of approximately £75,000. Anticipating this reduction, Richard has made the decision to relocate to the UK and the Department wishes him well.’

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