Isle of Man police to start wearing new uniform

BOBBIES on the beat are to start wearing a new policing uniform.

The Isle of Man Constabulary is launching a new uniform for its neighbourhood police officers – smart black fleece tops, blouson-style fluorescent jackets and more functional trousers.

The iconic white helmet, however, which has become an internationally recognised symbol of the Manx force, will still have pride of place.

Additional changes also see the re-introduction of flat caps for officers on vehicle patrol and the wearing of ties instead of cravats by women officers.

Officers attending court will no longer wear traditional tunics, but will instead wear their operational uniform.

Tunics are not being fully consigned to history, however, as officers will continue to wear them for ceremonial duties, such as on Tynwald Day.

Deputy Chief Constable Gary Roberts said: 'It has become increasingly difficult for the constabulary to source uniform that is fit for purpose.

'The new style uniform provides functional equipment that takes account of the health and safety of our officers, as well as providing good value for money.'

He added: 'We have preserved the use of the white helmet, which is seen as being symbolic of the Isle of Man Constabulary. Maintaining our identity is crucially important.

'I am also pleased that we have been able to identify a local supplier for some of the new uniform.'


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