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COURAGE: Richard Kissack

COURAGE: Richard Kissack

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A FOURTH candidate has declared his intention to stand for election in Douglas East.

Businessman and Douglas councillor Richard Kissack says that with the island facing another loss of VAT revenue, it is time for Tynwald and government to ‘raise their game’.

Mr Kissack, 42, was elected unopposed as Douglas councillor for Victoria Ward in April 2008 as a Liberal Vannin candidate but subsequently resigned from the party.

He is married with four children and lives and works in east Douglas. He was educated in the island and runs a recruitment agency with his wife.

Mr Kissack said: ‘The island has been both lucky and shrewd over the last 30 years, a bit like the Manx throughout history. However, it is time to raise our game in Tynwald and throughout government.

‘We are facing the threat of another reworking of the VAT agreement to the point where our government loses another big chunk of income, whereby the overgrown and bloated overheads of government can no longer possibly be afforded. This time we must anticipate rather than react. We need to examine the parts of our society which may actually be costly and harmful and see what can be done to save money and improve our society.

‘As such, I believe that the Manx people should elect representatives with strength of character and the resourcefulness to ensure that freedom and truth are defended vigorously.

‘I believe that I have the courage to match such a challenge as well as the personality and intellect to make a contribution to the Keys.

‘We have some excessively costly infrastructure improvements which have proven to be fundamentally flawed. No matter how much a consultant is paid, sewage cannot run uphill naturally. It is doubtful if mere mortals will ever know the full truth of the MEA costs or financial shenanigans that lumbered the whole island into paying mind boggling debts.’

Douglas East’s two sitting MHKs, Brenda Cannell and Chris Robertshaw, have announced they will be seeking re-election. St Ninian’s High School teacher Geraldine O’Neill has also announced plans to contest the seat.

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