Jim to collect Maundy money

HIGHLY DELIGHTED: Mr Noakes will travel to York Minster with his wife Judy and son Chris

HIGHLY DELIGHTED: Mr Noakes will travel to York Minster with his wife Judy and son Chris

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A member of St Ninian’s Church in Douglas has travelled to York Minster to receive Maundy money from the Queen.

Jim Noakes has been invited, with his wife Judy, to attend the service this year, where they will join a number of people from the Diocese of York and others all recognised for their service to others in some way.

The recipients of Maundy money are pensioners, chosen on an interdenominational basis from various Christian churches for their service to their churches and communities.

Mr Noakes came to the island from the UK after working for the Bank of England and directed and led the island’s Financial Supervision Commission.

A reader in the Church of England, he has served at St Ninian’s Church but also has for the past 15 years been one of the leaders of the ecumenical service at the Cat With No Tail service in Governor’s Hill on Sundays, is also the chairman of the trustees for Scripture Union Ministry Trust and a strong supporter and advocate of the mission and ministry of the community at St John’s Mill in St John’s.

He said: ‘I am obviously highly delighted as well as surprised. It must be a tribute to the people who worship each Sunday at the Cat With No Tail on Governor’s Hill and also to my wife Judy, who has been an inspiration to them and to me. I am grateful that she and my son Chris will both be able to be with me in the Minster for the service.’

The ceremony takes place today (Maundy Thursday), and dates back to the Middle Ages. From 1699 the Maundy money was distributed by a royal representative but it has become customary since the 1930s for the reigning monarch to distribute the coins.

Last year 40 Manx pensioners went to London to collect Maundy money.

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