June dominated by high pressure and lots of sunshine

The heat becomes too much for one TT fan at the Ramsey Sprint in early June

The heat becomes too much for one TT fan at the Ramsey Sprint in early June

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Statistics show June was dominated by high pressure leading to dry and settled conditions for most of the island.

Only the first week or so of June was changeable with some wet weather, said the Metrological Office at Ronaldsway.

Sunshine totalled 250 hours – about 50 hours more than the long term average. The best day was the 18th with 15.7 hours. This was also the warmest day with 21.8C recorded at Ronaldsway and was the windest day with gusts of 37 knots recorded.

The mean daily maximum temperature was 17.6C – 1.3C above the long term average for June.

Nights were ‘unusually warm’, with a mean minimum temperature of 11.5C – 1.3C above the average, and the equal highest mean June minima on record.

There was just 36.2mm of rain collected in the gauges at the Met Office, compared to a June average of 58.5mm.

Thunderstorms on the 7th gave us the wettest day with 21.7mm.

On the morning of the 25th, a large shower over Snaefell brought a similar amount, with heavy rain from Ramsey to Laxey, while the rest of the island was mostly dry. The reverse was true the following afternoon, with rain lingering just in the south, affecting Laa Columb Killey in Ballabeg.

The mean wind speed across the month was 9.1 knots, which is about 0.6 knots below average. Fog was observed on three days.

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