Justice as knifeman is jailed for four years

Andrew England

Andrew England

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The family of a stabbing victim says justice has been done after his attacker was jailed for four years.

Andrew England, of Douglas, was 28 years old when he was one of two innocent bystanders attacked by Raymond Donnan at a Swedish House Mafia concert in Dublin in July 2012.

Donnan, 24, of Greenfort Crescent, Clondalkin, was in a group of eight males and four females that took part in separate attacks on other concert goers.

He pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to violent disorder and assault causing harm.

This week Judge Martin Nolan imposed a four-year jail term and said that Mr England was lucky not to have suffered worse injuries. The other victim was never identified.

In a statement his family said: ‘We are pleased that after a long wait that the sentencing hearing for Raymond Donnan has finally taken place, and although many friends have reacted with surprise that Mr Donnan only received a sentence of four years, we have heard through our Dublin police contacts that this sentence was not only at the higher end of the possible scale, but the judge, after reviewing previous convictions, has recommended that Mr Donnan serves the full term.

‘We are glad that on this occasion that the public will at least be safe from this man for the period of his sentence.

‘We would therefore take the view that justice has been done and we can all draw a line under this painful episode and get on with our lives.’

The statement continues: ‘Andrew has thankfully made a remarkable recovery and remains a very positive individual, determined to enjoy his life and not allow this incident to adversely affect his future in any way.

‘We would like to sincerely thank our numerous friends and business contacts for being so supportive and generous to us all over this difficult time.’

The court heard an off duty garda (police officer) witnessed Donnan and about eight young men and four young women set on another man for no apparent reason.

He said that Donnan stabbed this first victim three times in the torso while the off duty garda went off to find other gardai and security staff.

He returned with these to find the gang attacking Mr England.

One man struck him over the head with a bottle and then used the broken bottle to stab him in the arm.

When Mr England tried to get away Donnan stabbed him multiple times in the back. Garda sergeant Shane McCartan testified that the blade of the knife was four to five inches long.

Michael Bowman, defending Donnan, said his client had consumed an entire bottle of rum after security staff had stopped him from bringing the alcohol into the park.

He said Donnan was told he could drink it immediately before getting in.

After the attack, Mr England’s father Ian, of Harcroft Avenue, Saddlestone, said his son was lucky to be alive.

He had gone on a week’s holiday with his girlfriend to visit his family, and bought tickets for the concert at Phoenix Park while there.

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