Kate praises meaning behind ice bucket craze

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  • by Alan Vincent

A Peel commissioner has taken part in the internet craze the Ice Bucket Challenge aimed at raising money to fight Motor Neurone Disease.

Kate Felton got a soaking outside the Creek Inn on Thursday and has asked for people not to dismiss the craze as stupid.

The challenge involves participants getting a bucket of ice cold water tipped over their head while being filmed and then nominating other people to take the same challenge.

Ms Felton said: ‘Motor Neurone Disease is a disease which affects the nerves in your brain and spinal cord.

‘The ALS [the American term for MND] challenge has raised $6 million and they use the ice bucket challenge because when the ice water is poured over you, your nerves are affected just like people with ALS.

‘It’s about raising awareness just like when people wear pink for breast cancer or blue for autism – it’s not about money alone, it’s about awareness, so no, the ice bucket challenge is not stupid.’

The idea has been traced back to Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, whose career was cut short after he developed MND.

In 2013, he challenged several Boston Red Sox players to the ice bucket challenge to raise money and awareness for the condition – individuals can either accept the challenge, or donate an agreed sum to charity instead.

Among the people in the island to take part so far have been advocate James Quinn, 3FM boss Ron Berry and our editor Richard Butt.




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