Keep control of dogs near farmland plea

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DOG owners are being urged to be vigilant when exercising their animals on or near farmland.

This is a year-round issue, but is of particular importance during the lambing months of March to June and bird nesting periods, particularly April to July.

The warning comes following an incident in which a sheep was injured in a dog attack at Langness on February 11.

Thankfully the sheep were not in lamb at this time and the injuries were not life threatening.

Speaking about the incident, Constable Louise Kennaugh said: ‘We would appreciate any information in relation to this incident that has caused great concern to the owners.

‘It is an offence not to have a dog under control at all times.

‘If a dog is seen by a farmer to be actively causing distress and attacking their livestock, they are able to take any action necessary to prevent this, including destroying the dog.’

Reiterating the message, chairman of the Forestry, Amenity and Lands Directorate, Brenda Cannell MHK said: ‘Last year saw some very serious and well-publicised incidents of sheep worrying.

‘While these cases were clearly caused by some highly irresponsible individuals, it is important to remember that any dog, regardless of breed, size or temperament, is capable of causing serious injury or death to pregnant ewes and ewes with lambs.’

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