Kershaw in attack on Manx justice system

ANGRY BLAST: Andy Kershaw

ANGRY BLAST: Andy Kershaw

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BROADCASTER and Peel resident Andy Kershaw launched a blistering attack on the island’s police force and judiciary in a Radio 2 interview.

He appeared with his sister and fellow broadcaster Liz on the Jeremy Vine show to publicise his new autobiography No Off Switch.

Mr Kershaw told how the break up of his marriage soon after moving to the Isle of Man in 2006 led to an acrimonious dispute over access to his two children – leading to a battle with alcohol and depression, jail terms and even a period on the run in the UK.

He said: ‘If any of the so-called experts in the Isle fo Man judiciary, police and social services thought for a moment and said “let him have his kids” none of this would have happened.’

Mr Kershaw told of how he had now turned a corner and stopped drinking altogether: ‘I just went cold turkey.’

He said he was seeing his children again and his radio career was back on track.

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