Kindness of strangers helps save Jake, 11, after heart attack

Chrystal Kremer and her son Jake Wild, aged 11. Below, with former Liverpool and England footballer Robbie Fowler

Chrystal Kremer and her son Jake Wild, aged 11. Below, with former Liverpool and England footballer Robbie Fowler

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Crystal Kremer’s miracle son Jake is back home – four months after his life was saved thanks to the actions of five strangers and a hero policeman.

The single mother of four was taking Jake, aged 11, to the doctor’s in Castletown about his asthma when he collapsed in the street and went into cardiac arrest.

Jake Wild and mum Crystal Kremer with Robbie Fowler

Jake Wild and mum Crystal Kremer with Robbie Fowler

Crystal, of Orry Place, called an ambulance and screamed frantically for help.

‘There was no one around, it was deserted,’ she said.

After several minutes she was able to enlist the help of five strangers who took it in turns to carry out CPR on Jake.

Little did they know it but the ambulance had been sent to the wrong location.

Constable Robin Arnold arrived at the scene and started doing CPR while one of the strangers ran to Castletown Medical Practice for help.

PC Arnold has since received a commendation at the Chief Constable’s Annual Awards Ceremony for his actions.

Dr Visva Balakrishnan then took over until the paramedics arrived.

Crystal said: ‘It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. It was so horrific and traumatic, I couldn’t stop shaking and crying.

‘I sat in the front of the ambulance while the paramedics continued doing CPR using the defibrillator and he had six rounds of adrenaline.

‘I couldn’t bear it seeing my precious son looking so lifeless.’

His heart stopped for an hour before it eventually started again, thanks to the defibrillator.

In the emergency resuscitation room at Noble’s Accident and Emergency unit, 20 doctors and nurses helped to save Jake, putting him on a life support machine.

About two hours later he was moved to the intensive care unit, where a change in his pupils sparked concern he had a bleed in his brain.

Jake was flown by air ambulance to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

Crystal said: ‘Altogether he was on 13 different types of machines. No one thought he was going to make it.

‘He was on the life support machine for seven days and slowly got the sedation from his coma and life support machine reduced before coming off it.’

Jake underwent a range of tests and investigations to discover why he collapsed, and he is due to have more in future.

He also started intensive rehabilitation, which is continuing.

While at the hospital, former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler and three current players paid Jake a visit.

Finally after 75 days at Alder Hey, during which time Crystal and Jake’s dad Mark alternated staying at Ronald McDonald House, Jake was transferred back to Noble’s Hospital on April 7.

‘I was so happy and delighted and having tears of happiness to have my miracle son back on our island and for us all to be reunited with our family and friends again,’ Crystal said.

And after 10 days at Noble’s he was able to go home, where Crystal now cares for him full-time.

She admitted: ‘I felt so happy beyond words for Jake to come home and for us to be a family again but also a bit frightened as I am doing everything on my own.’

Crystal said: ‘It’s all a slow process, taking each day as it comes.’

The lack of oxygen to Jake’s brain when his heart stopped has left him with a number of disabilities and he needs constant supervision.

He can only walk short distances and has to use a wheelchair for anything longer.

Jake is left-handed but the injury has meant he is having to learn to do everything with his right hand.

Crystal said: ‘Since starting his rehabilitation he has made fantastic progress, he has amazed us all.

‘We still have got a long way to go and a long road ahead.’

The family is receiving support from the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Crystal has thanked everyone who helped save the life of her miracle son, and who are assisting in his road to recovery.

‘I would like to thank the kind strangers who helped and assisted me with my son, words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am,’ she said.

‘I would like to say a big thank you to policeman Robin Arnold, Dr Balakrishnan, the paramedics in the ambulance, Dr William Van De Moore and everyone else in the accident and emergency resuscitation room for saving my son’s life, they are all heroes.’

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