Learning the lingo in Beijing

Young problem solvers fly Manx flat at the Great Wall of China

Young problem solvers fly Manx flat at the Great Wall of China

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Four of our top young problem solvers represented the island at this year’s International Linguistics Olympiad, held in Beijing.

The competition tested students in the fields of mathematical, theoretical and descriptive linguistics.

Individual problems were based on the languages of Benabena, Kiowa, Tangut, Engenni, and Gbaya, and the team problem involved matching the articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights to their translations in Armenian. The team consisted of Daniel Quayle, Keira Gawne, Clare Pickering and Annie Lennon, all 17.

Rob Teare of Lingo Mann said: ‘Thirty nine teams took part in the competition. The Isle of Man performed very well in the team competition but the medal table was dominated by the US, Russia and China.’

The team stayed at the campus of the Beijing University of Language and Culture.

Between competitions they attended lectures and seminars with academic experts on linguistics, and enjoyed trips to the Great Wall, the Chinese Opera, the Lao She Tea House, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Next year’s Olympiad will be held in Bulgaria and the island team selection competition takes place in February.

Year 12 and 13 students who would like to take part should contact LingoMann through its website www://sites.google.com/site/lingomann/home.

LingoMann thanked the sponsors and supporters who made participation in this year’s competition possible.

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