Liberal Vannin Party selects candidates for Douglas Council elections

Claire Wells

Claire Wells

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The Liberal Vannin Party is to field candidates in Douglas’s forthcoming council elections.

The elections are taking place after Bill Malarkey left the council to become an MHK again and Cllr Jon Joughin was forced to resign because it turned out he wasn’t on the electoral roll.

Cat Turner

Cat Turner

Standing for Mr Malarkey’s old Murray’s ward is IT worker Claire Wells.

She has been an active member of the party for some time and the party says she is a ‘valued member of the team and has a special interest in education’.

LibVan leader Kate Beecroft MHK said: ‘I have known Claire and her family for more years than I care to remember.

‘In addition to having the right principles she is a very intelligent and gifted person. I hope the voters in Murrays Ward support Claire as I know that she will support them if they elect her.’

Claire is married with two young children.She is also a qualified aromatherapist and herbal practitioner.

Claire said: ‘I am delighted to have been chosen by LibVan as I believe that party politics is the only way forward.’

Catherine ‘Cat’ Turner, an activist with the island’s Friends of the Earth group, is to stand in Victoria ward.

She said: ‘It’s an honour to be selected by Liberal Vannin to stand as a Douglas councillor.

‘I’m a great believer in the party’s core values of transparency, accountability and fairness, and the time’s right for a government, at local and national levels, made up of representatives committed to being of service to the people who have elected them.

‘I believe in fairness, equality of opportunity, and sustainable ways to earn our living.

‘Many jobs on which our economy relies are rewarding, but could easily go elsewhere if conditions change - leaving our workers vulnerable.

‘We need to face the challenges of a changing world - technological and environmental - as they affect us locally, and prioritise employment opportunities with staying power, offering meaningful work for meaningful lives. This also means supporting good local businesses, to protect the jobs and value they bring us.

‘These changes also affect our wellbeing; a sound local economy is vitally important to job stability and prospects, but headline “growth” is valueless if it masks underlying problems like financial insecurity, lack of community, a trashed environment or reduced access to essential services. So we have to look to the long term and balance the needs of people, environment and economy, so they can all flourish.

‘I was fortunate to move to the Isle of Man as a child. We’re blessed with a unique and lovely place to live, with Douglas at its heart. But islands face challenges as well as opportunities.

‘Let’s make sure we’re ready for them, so everyone benefits - not just a fortunate few.’

She added that her experience of 30 years in the finance sector, and latterly working for local community/environmental groups, would enable her to be of service to local people.

She said: ‘I’m lucky enough to have had experience in both business and community groups, and of working with Government in various roles. I hope I’ll have the chance to represent the people of Victoria Ward and Douglas, and to be a serving example of LibVan’s values.”

Mrs Beecroft said: ‘Cat is an excellent candidate. She has much valuable experience but, just as importantly, she is committed to LibVan values and policies. I know that she will be of real benefit to the residents in Victoria Ward as she always gives 100 per cent commitment to whatever she does.’

In Ramsey, only two candidates stood for each ward after seats became vacant because of the electoral roll debacle.

It means there will be no election there.

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If more candidates come forward for the Douglas council seats, there will be an election on September 10.

Mr Joughin is not eligible to stand again because his name can’t be put on the electoral roll in time.

The last day for nominations is August 17.

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