Lifeboat’s dramatic rescue

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Peel’s lifeboat was involved in a dramatic rescue involving two warships and three helicopters in the early hours of this morning.

The Ruby Clery, under the command of coxswain Paul Cain, rescued a 20-metre converted trawler 11 miles West of Peel.

The vessel made a Mayday call at 1.30am, triggering a response from helicopter crews who searched for it and even two Royal Naval warships that were in the region and were on standby to go to the vessel. The lifeboat was launched shortly after and reached the vessel in about 45 minutes.

The converted fishing boat was on passage from Glasgow to Conwy in north Wales when it started taking in water through the stern tube (propellor shaft) and was in danger of sinking.

The Northern Irish fishing vessel Stephanie M gave shelter from the weather to the boat until Peel lifeboat and its volunteer crew were able to put a pump on board to evacuate the water.

The vessel, which had three adults and one child on board, was stabilised and helicopters and other vessels stood down.

The trawler was then escorted by Peel lifeboat bound for Peel, during this time the young woman and child were taken ill so about 15 minutes from Peel they were taken by the lifeboat into Peel to a waiting ambulance where they were treated and then removed to Noble’s Hospital.

The lifeboat returned to the stricken vessel which had continued on its own and escorted it into Peel harbour at about 5am.

Mr Cain said: ‘People must take responsibility for the condition of their vessels before leaving port.’

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