Live webcasts of parliament with just a click of a button

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Live audio webcasting of all parliamentary proceedings will be introduced next year.

MHKs voted unanimously to support the move during last week’s House of Keys sitting. MLCs also backed the proposal in the Legislative Council that same day.

Live sound-only webcasts of proceedings in the Keys and LegCo will be available on the tynwald.org website from January 28. There will also be a play back facility so you can listen to items you’ve missed.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney tabled the motion for a live and listen again audio system on behalf of the Tynwald management committee.

He told MHKs: ‘It is an important principle of parliamentary democracy that proceedings of the legislature should be open and accessible.

‘In ancient times this meant holding our sittings on a Hill, where the Lord of Man with his Council and Keys would be clearly visible to all. Today we meet indoors. But there are public galleries in all three Chambers, and anyone is welcome to attend.

‘People cannot always come in person. Whether they have come in person or not, people may wish to find out about our proceedings after the event.’

All Tynwald proceedings are broadcast live on Manx Radio but for Keys sittings only question time is broadcast and LegCo is not covered at all.

The Tynwald website was launched in May last year and is now ready to launch audio webcasting.

Mr Cretney told MHKs: ‘Technology moves on. Sound can now also be webcast over the internet, and this technology has been adopted by many other parliaments.

‘This is not just a technical innovation. It is a way of letting more people listen, to more of our business.’




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