Lord Sugar unmoved by 'The Brand' on Apprentice

'I'm Stuart Baggs – the brand,' announced The Apprentice's youngest contestant, who described himself, among other things, as a telecommunications entrepreneur.

In the latest series' promotional clips the 21-year-old from the Isle of Man tells a presumably bemused interview panel: 'I'm alive. Some people are dead. Unfortunately. When I'm asleep I'm making money. I don't aspire to a house in the country and a fast car. I already have those.'

Lord Sugar appeared unmoved.

'The brand of what?' he enquired tersely as Stuart's team members spluttered to offer suggestions.

But this is The Apprentice – an environment of huge egos, unrealistic expectations, materialistic whining and empty cliche-ridden, vacuous soundbites, so it is probably unfair to single Stuartthebrand out.

Charged with the task of making and selling sausages, the men's team went for the shoddy-product-sold-cheap approach.

'Who is MINCING?' screamed Stuart's team leader, careering towards career suicide before pipping Stuart for the post-task sacking.

Self belief undimmed by their hygienic blue plastic caps, they set about bickering before finally producing an unpalatable rusk-based offering most people wouldn't feed to their dog.

Stuart actually had a reasonably engaging sales pitch until he resorted to virtually chasing people down the road haranguing them to buy.

'I think you are being too aggressive and it's putting people off,' another team member told him.

To be fair it was more effective than team leader Dan's method of door-to-door selling, over the intercom of a block of flats and even at a florist's - both unsuccessfully.

The women's team went for a quality gourmet product and beat the men's profit by 15.

In the inevitable board room showdown that followed Stuart put up a creditable defence: 'To be brutally honest I sold the most sausages because I know how to connect with people,' he said.

Unfortunately this cut little ice with Lord Sugar: 'You sold 14 packs. That was not the most.'

And it did rather put paid to his earlier claim: 'Everything I touch turns to sold...I sit in front of you here as one of the most successful people...'

Once again in the board room back biting, other contestants criticised Stuart's 'cringe-making and aggressive sales pitch that was putting people off'.

In the post-episode analysis comdian Jenny Eclair described Stuart in more endearing terms: 'He's like a toddler isn't he? They push a swing as hard as they can then look amazed when it comes back and hits them in the face.'

The closing observation goes to Lord Sugar who accused him of making ridiculous statements before ominously adding: 'That Stuart's a bit of a handful.I'm not putting up with that for much longer.'

We asked Stuart whereabouts in the Isle of Man he lived. He wouldn't say because of 'contractual issues'.

The next episode will be shown tonight (Wednesday) on BBC1 at 9pm.


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Here's hoping he gets fired! I admire his ambition but his arrogance and in fact his whole attitude, offends me! In the words of a true Manxie, "see ye later yessir"


What a lemon... the boy has no manners!


Stu is comedy gold, the new Eric Morecambe, keep him on my telly as long as possible!


Why exactly and to who does it matter where on the Island Stuart Baggs lives? Looking forward to tonight's episode! Good Luck Stuart, you definately have got the attention of the press!!


Unlike some of the other posters on here I have never met Stuart, but I don't think he comes across badly at all. What all these ManxCrabs are forgetting is that what you see on TV is an edited version. For instance Stella was seen saying "Would your wife like to try a different type of sausage". In my opinion thats far worse than anything Stuart said. I for one am proud to have Stuart flying the flag for the Island and think the ridiculous tone taken by the Isle of Man newspapers will only come back to bite them when he wins the show. What truly makes me ashamed to be Manx is seeing all these Crabs (and IOM Newspapers) being so negative!


I had never heard of the Isle of Man before seeing Stuart on the Apprentice and I have to say you have an asset in such a young spirit being so entrepreneurial. We have huge problems in the UK with unemployment, recession etc and it takes people like Stuart to create the big tech companies of tomorrow (like Facebook etc). He might be rough around the edges but that just makes for better TV and at the end of the day the next apprentice isn't going to be perfect. Best of luck Stuart and I hope the Island gets behind you soon enough!!!


He's a complete **** but makes it a very entertaining programme to watch. Just waiting to hear the next load of self obsessed rubbish from his smug face is pure TV gold. But let's not forget the rest of them! They're all just as entertaining in their own self important way!


I think Stuart has a terrible attitude and is not a good ambassador for the Isle of Man. He needs to stop playing up to the cameras and trying to act clever - his mouth never helped him at school either. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee before someone bites back.


I always laugh when I see posts from ANON on this website... those that judge others don't define them, they define themselves. Lets see what happens tonight, **heres hoping he stays in for a while yet**.


An irrelevant brand in an irrelevant show.


SC, I cannot begin to think where you live if you think this imported clown is an asset to the Isle of Man. A few more like him and we will have an epidemic of smug useless gits whose daddies give them things to shut them up and keep them out of the way.


This guy has found his way on to mainstream TV purely because the producers knew the nonsense that he spews out would create publicity, so in that respect it has worked for them and it has generated publicity for the Isle of Man in the process. That said, the fact that people actually watch the show at all and look up to him and his fellow muppets as being some kind of role models goes a long way to demonstrate the depths to which modern society has fallen. Still it could be worse I could be one of those dead people.


In answer to Lord Sugar's very pertinent question - "The brand of what?" I think the answer is that the brand is "Baggs Bunny". Mind you as Frankie Howerd used to say "It's wicked to mock the afflicted".


Stuart's trying his best to be different than the rest but aren't they all? I'm really struggling with this "brand" thing though. A brand is something like the name Hoover and a Hoover sucks. Ahhh, now I get it!


So MANXCRAB – your real name is it?


Dear Manxcrab, It's not necessarily what people say, but how they say it and Stuart (Brash) Baggs' demeanour and tone are anything but a winning formula. We all love character and someone with a bit of edge about them, but it is fair to say Mr Baggs doesn't meet that criteria and I wouldn't leave him in charge of himself, let alone a business. The people of the Isle of Man are not being negative for the sake of being negative, rather we are embarrassed at his behaviour and have the right to speak out and say this is not the behaviour we expect of someone who has put themselves forward as our ambassador. I'm sure the people of the Island would get behind Stuart in full force if he conducted himself with some decorum.


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