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Mozart’s dramatic masterpiece Don Giovanni demands a grand setting.

So it’s only fitting that the Narropera trio will be staging the final part of their three-venue island festival at the Gaiety Theatre.

Acclaimed soprano Dorothee Jansen, her husband pianist and manager Haydn Rawstron, and talented violinist Hanns-Heinz Odenthal have already captivated island audiences at the Erin Arts Centre and Peel’s Centenary Centre with their production of Marriage of Figaro.

They will be performing at the Gaiety Theatre on Saturday, July 9.

The concept they have developed sees beautiful singing of arias from several of the opera’s characters, clear story telling and insight into the historical and social background.

And it has proved a hit in several countries, including New Zealand and Germany.

Haydn told Island Life that he was hopeful that residents – from opera lovers to those with much to learn – would turn out in support.

‘It’s been highly successful in the two venues that we used for Marriage of Figaro,’ he said.

‘We had 18 people sat on the stage with us in Port Erin and while we didn’t sell out in Peel, we did have more than any classical music show in its history.

‘Bearing in mind we have the most popular of all Mozart’s operas, the time of the year, the love of the place and, quite simply, the quality of Dorothee as a singer, it will be disappointing it we don’t sell out.

‘All of these things have to be in our favour.’

Dorothee is considered among German singers to possess one of the most beautiful voices of her generation, and Haydn said the Gaiety audience would be in for a treat.

‘Dorothee’s voice has been trained for that sort of space rather than the slightly smaller places we have been performing to so far,’ he said.

‘It’s not to say her voice doesn’t suit the Erin Arts Centre or Centenary Centre, it does. But really the size of the Gaiety invites one to use the voice to its full potential.’

Haydn described Don Giovanni as a ‘beautiful piece and a great story’. Don Giovanni makes a move on any woman and jilts his lovers.

‘He’s not someone you would want your daughter to introduce – or your wife!’

Haydn said the character was both a hero and an anti-hero: ‘In a world that was so constricted by moral laws and moral expectations and all sorts of constrictions left, right and centre, he’s really the supreme figure of freedom and liberty.’

Haydn said each of the operas they have presented as narropera have presented challenges, and Don Giovanni was no exception.

‘It takes many months to develop them, and I have known them inside out for many years,’ he said.

‘Don Giovanni was my set work at Oxford as an undergraduate and I have worked with Don Giovanni throughout my life.

Tickets cost £19.50 for adults, £12.50 for under 16s.

To book, call 600555, visit the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal or go to

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