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CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN: Katherine is trying to raise money for cancer research. PHOTO: Mike Wade MW120921 (65).

CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN: Katherine is trying to raise money for cancer research. PHOTO: Mike Wade MW120921 (65).

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SINGER Katherine Crowe, who is battling terminal cancer, is hoping she’ll be this year’s Christmas number one.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two has released a cover of Nat King Cole’s Smile, which she recorded in a visit to Abbey Road Studios in London at the beginning of December.

Katherine’s version of the song is accompanied by the London Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Julian Kershaw.

She said: ‘It was a truly amazing experience and when the tune turned out so magically I knew I wanted to share it with people – and what better way than a number one single.’

But there will be stiff competition for the top spot from X Factor winner James Arthur.

‘I know it would be a miracle if Smile was Christmas number one, but I need to believe miracles can come true. This campaign is all about people power, there are so many of us affected by it [cancer].’

The single is to be launched on I-Tunes on Friday and a Facebook page started last Wednesday has attracted 25,000 likes.

Meanwhile, Friends, family and colleagues, including British singer Beverley Craven, have been busy drumming up support with UK TV stations and media.

Speaking from her home in Groudle Glen, Katherine said that money raised from the sale of the single would be going to fund evidence based ‘less toxic’ treatments for cancer that are presently underfunded.

‘Cancer treatments need to change,’ she said. ‘There needs to be more research into treatments that allow a better quality of life while undergoing them.

‘We’re not winning the war on cancer. For over 50 years we’ve been using chemo, radio and surgery, maybe it’s time to look at treatments that slow down rather than eradicate.’

Katherine has now stopped all conventional drug treatments because her body reacts with life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

When the cancer first appeared she underwent a horrendous schedule of treatments, on one occasion she had to be shocked back to life after her heart stopped during chemotherapy.

‘It was all very Pulp Fiction’ she said.

During her six-year battle with the disease, she spent three years in remission, but recently the cancer is back and ‘progressing at a rate of knots’.

Anaphylactic reaction to traditional drugs has meant that she is facing the disease with courage and a positive attitude alone.

‘If I thought about the future too much, where would that get me?’ she said.

‘Minute by minute that’s all. I can breathe, walk, talk and I’m making the most of my life.’

Since her earliest encounter with music – an old pianola bought from an auction by her father, Katherine has held a lifelong dream of being a famous musician.

‘Not because of being famous itself, but for the opportunities and doors it opens musically. Like recording in Abbey Road with that amazing orchestra.’ she said.

‘The magic I experience when people come together musically make me feel alive. If we could get this single to number one it would mean the world me to me after 25 years as a musician this is all I have ever wanted.

‘And to know the difference it would make for other cancer sufferers is just amazing.’

Both songs recorded at the Abbey Road sessions (Smile & Next to Me) are available as an I-Tunes download from tomorrow (Friday). A CD/DVD will be available within a week.

Join the facebook campaign HERE.

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