Malcolm’s feline just fine after his mystery disappearance

Malcolm the seven-year-old Bengal Tiger cat is reunited with Joanne Lowe

Malcolm the seven-year-old Bengal Tiger cat is reunited with Joanne Lowe

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He may not quite fit among the ranks of TS Eliot’s famous felines, but Malcolm is clearly a mystery cat in his own right.

Owner Joanne Lowe spent 10 anguished days organising search parties and putting messages on the internet site Facebook after her pet did a disappearing act from her home at Oakhill Close, Douglas.

‘He just did a runner. I got up at 5am and he wasn’t there. I went out looking for him at that time and the wind was horrendous. I’ve only just moved here from Peel but I did everything I was supposed to, keeping him inside at first. We thought he might have tried to find his way back to Peel.’ she said.

For 10 days the distinctive Bengal Tiger cat remained awol before he finally turned up at Tesco in Douglas.

‘A wonderful lady called Vikki Nash who works at Tesco recognised him from Facebook. She spotted him wandering near the warehouse and rang me,’ said Joanne.

‘He had just turned up there that morning. We’ve no idea where he had been for the previous nine days. It’s a mystery!

‘I have to say a big thank you to the residents at Glen Park and to my mum and dad, Mark and Barbara Watson, and to Katie McCluskey and Matty Kelly who gave me a lift down to go and collect Malcolm and all the staff at the MSPCA and everyone else who helped and supported me.’

Meanwhile, she added, Malcolm had lost a third of his body weight but seemed in otherwise good health: ‘He’s eating like a horse at the moment,’ she said.

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