Man fined for entering closed road

Isle of Man Courthouse

Isle of Man Courthouse

A 62-year-old man who walked onto the Billown circuit from an adjacent property during the pre-TT classic races on Monday has been fined £500.

Police said that the man had been drinking and marshals at the scene had to enter the course in order to remove him and take him to safety.

A police statement said: ‘The man appeared at court today (Wednesday), having been summonsed for being on closed roads.

‘He admitted the matter and was fined £500.

‘We would like to remind the public of the dangers of entering closed roads, not only to themselves, but to the riders taking part in motorsport events, and the officials who volunteer their own time in order to ensure that these events can run.

‘It is unlawful to enter onto roads closed for racing without authority, and anyone found entering onto closed roads will be dealt with robustly.’

Inspector Andy Kneen added: ‘Marshals exercise powers and have the same authority as constables when conducting their duties in relation to road racing. ‘The Constabulary will deal swiftly with offenders and generally this will mean a court appearance within a very short time after any incident, while officers may not appear at points on the course any more, we have staff deployed specifically in relation to road racing in order to be able offer support to marshals.’

The Court commended the actions of the marshal who removed the man from the course, saying he had to put himself at risk in order to deal with the individual.

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