Man punched hole in car window with bare fist

News from the courts

News from the courts

A man punched a hole in a car window with his bare fist, wrenched a mobile telephone from the grip of his terrified victim and smashed it to pieces on the ground, Douglas magistrates were told.

Darren Mark Barrow, of Crown Street, Peel, spotted his victim, Alexander Ironside, parked in his Mitsubishi car on the quayside in Peel.

The court heard Mr Ironside was using a mobile phonee when he saw Barrow’s blue Peugeot come to a halt, directly facing his own car.

A statement read out in court said Barrow marched across to the driver’s window of the other car, looking angry, and mouthed something at the victim, before punching a hole straight through the window.

Prosecutor James Robinson said Mr Ironside ducked out of the way just in time to avoid a shower of broken glass fragments. Barrow then swung another punch at him, through the hole in the window, but it missed.

Barrow then snatched the phone from Mr Ironside and hurled it onto the ground, smashing it into pieces.

He was later arrested by police at home and admitted what had happened.

Mr Robinson said the phone was valued at £450 and the car window at £250.

On behalf of Barrow, Stephen Wood said the only punch was the one directed at the car window, thereafter, the pair had ‘grappled’, he said.

Mr Wood said it was not the first time his client had been in court in relation to the same victim.

‘There has been an issue with the complainant and an acquaintance of my client’s friend,’ he said.

‘There were allegations made and he feels he was wronged by the allegations and he feels his friend was wronged as well. It does not justify what happened but it gives some understanding.’

Since the incident, on February 3, he said matters had calmed down and there had been no further offences.

‘The court can take some comfort from that. He is no longer harbouring a grievance against Mr Ironside,’ he said.

Mr Wood said his client had perceived Mr Ironside was using his telephone to take photographs of him.

‘The victim was checking his messages but my client thought he was being filmed,’ Mr Wood said.

The court heard Barrow, who is 30, had had a number of problems but was engaging well and getting a lot out of art therapy classes.

‘He appreciates he could be sent to prison today, as this offence occurred so soon after the previous one, even though he was not technically on bail for the other offence,’ he said.

He suggested one approach could be a financial penalty and another approach could involve a suspended sentence.

‘If he were foolish enough to approach Mr Ironside, with a suspended sentence hanging over him, then the consequences would be well known to him,’ he said.

Barrow admitted two offences of criminal damage and one of using provoking behaviour.

Magistrates’ chairman John Hellowell said: ‘Less than one week after being sentenced for an offence against the same victim, you committed these offences. Because of your previous poor track record, community penalties are not appropriate.’

He received eight weeks’ custody suspended for 18 months. He is to pay £700 compensation to the victim but no costs order was made.

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