Man was making plans for the future, inquest is told

The courthouse in Douglas

The courthouse in Douglas

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A young man died in his home in Glen Maye in January because of the effects of drugs and a chest infection, an inquest in Douglas has heard.

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner John Needham said he did not believe Adam Joseph Baker had intended to take his own life when he died at home, in his sleep, some time on January 27 or 28 this year.

He said the death was unintentional and occurred while Mr Baker’s respiratory system had been compromised by drugs in combination with broncho-pneumonia.

The court heard Mr Baker, who was 29, had made previous suicide attempts but was making positive plans for the future and planned to buy a boat and take up fishing again.

Mr Needham noted the level of drugs in Mr Baker’s body did not seem to suggest any suicidal intention. There was evidence of his having prepared a meal and eaten during the evening and the court heard he would not have taken his own life without first ensuring his pet dog was cared for.

Mr Baker’s cousin, Kristopher Goldie, who discovered his body on January 28, said it had been like losing a brother. He described Mr Baker as being well and looking healthy when they met up two weeks before his death. But he said when they met again on January 26 he seemed more subdued.

A toxicity report noted methadone in Mr Baker’s body, though he was not prescribed methadone and its source was not known, Pathologist Dr Ervine Long said this, in combination with other drugs and the respiratory infection had proved fatal.

Thanking the family for attending, Mr Needham told them: ‘No-one was expecting this. He would not have suffered.’ He offered his condolences.

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